Monday, April 12, 2010

Catch Up.


How are you people doing? Hope everyone is feeling great and fantastic. Sorry for not regularly updating this blog as I am busy with work. A lot of unforeseen requirements that needed my participation to complete it.

It is sad to know that Arsenal lost to Barcelona with an aggregate score of 6-3. I was jumping around when Bendtner scored the first goal from a wonderful through pass to Walcott who passed the ball to him to score the goal. But then, the one who people referred to as unhuman, which is also known as Lionel Messi, scored 4 goals and left Wenger amazed by the player's capabilities. Arsenal's defenses was torn apart without any mercy at all by the skills and powerful movement of the one and only, Messi.

Let's look at the bright of this because Manchester United is out of the freaking Champions League. Without Rooney, they're nothing. Toothless. Helpless. So, congratulations to Bayern Munich who won thanks to the away goals rule.

Since it has been quite a long time we hang out, I suggest we have an outdoor activity. What about Paintball? Does this interest you because if it does, let's rock and roll. Please get back to m e as soon as you can as I will need to book and set up the venue prior to out activity.

Price: RM 95 (Inclusive of lunch, 500 pellets and marker)
Venue: Tanamerah Paintball Club, Sg. Buloh.

Hope that all of us can spend a little time with each other to catch up and update ourselves regarding out life.a

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How Are You People Doing?

Salam to all,

How are you guys doing? Hope all of you are doing well and healthy. As for me, I'm doing fine. Been busy with work and social life. My work is getting tougher by the day as more and more responsibilities are assigned to me from the bosses at my office. To those who are well experienced in the working life, I welcome any advise or comments that can help build my motivation to face this challenging world.

I've noticed that this blog is somehow getting dull and few comments are coming in from you guys. This is a disappointment as I anticipate this blog to bloom and be the main tool for all of us to communicate with each other.

By the way, do you people have any activities or things that we can do together as a group as its been while since we see each other. Any ideas or places that popped up in your mind, just post it here and I'm sure we can all discuss and come to a conclusion about this agenda.

See you soon people! Salam!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Thanks For Your Support And Encouragement.


First of all I would like to express my gratitude to all of those who have subscribed to follow and be updated of this blog. I appreciate it a lot and this will encourage me to further improve and maintain this tool of communication between all of us.

It would be great if you could link up or post your blog, flicker or etc in this blog to allow other members to view or even contribute their ideas towards your specified blogs and etc. For those who already have subscribed to this blog, please update it with your current activities, peripherals or etc. Let's use technology as our main medium of communication as it is easy and efficient in delivering messages across to the other party.

If there is any ideas that you would like to contribute to improvise the current state of this blog, feel free to inform it to me either by posting it in this blog or e-mail it to the adderess provided in my previous post.

Let's talk about football for a while. Arsenal is a great team in which it have develop into an almost unstoppable team. Although the majority of the players are still every much youngsters, I do believe with exposure of matches both locally and internationally, they will be able to stand along legends such as Henry, Pele or even Maradona. The current way of Arsenal playing is definitely brilliant. Simple yet efficient which is passing. With Fabregas being the playmaker, most of Arsenal's goal are provided by his brilliant passes.

To further promote integration between all of us, I would suggest for us to play futsal together. What do you think? Of course a time and date have to be set.

Thank you.


Monday, October 5, 2009

Assalamualaikum To All.


This is my very first entry in my newly created blog. The purpose of this blog is to gather and re-unite all of my friends during my high school years (2000 - 2001). With the use of this blog, I'm pretty sure that we can at least get quite a considerable amount of people to participate or attend any events that we might plan in the near future.

Yesterday, dated 4/10/2009, a gathering was held at Putrajaya with about 12 to 13 people attending. It was a moderate event with various activities organized to ensure that each and every members of the group attact with each other.

If there's anything or any spesific issues that you would like to update, regardless of the topic concern, don't hesitate to contact the details provided below:

Telephone: 012 - 9796 006


Feel free to comment or leave any messages in the comment box provided in each of the entries entered.